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Data Insights and Analytics

Speed up your decision cycles by seeing what matters

Bridgeforce Data Solutions enables you to quickly find – and address – problems and opportunities in your lending portfolios. We leverage decades of experience running and advising clients on lending businesses, to provide you with actionable insights that significantly improve your data-driven decision cycles going forward.


Goals & Priorities, Decision Levers, Tradeoff Decisions, Optimization Guidance, Key Metrics


What data and insights are you producing today, and how much can you trust it?


Responsive dashboards that
enable rapid understanding.

Insights on not only what is happening, but how to make it better

Credit Risk Insights

Our experience in developing and implementing data-driven strategies for lenders spans 4 decades, 6 countries, and all major consumer product types. We know the business, and that’s what sets us apart.

Speed Up Your Decision Cycles by seeing what matters for the decisions you need to make

The foundation of great decision cycles is having clarity, and we impact that through our onboarding process.


We leverage deep expertise in consumer lending to connect your goals with the actions that you can take for each product and the data-driven insights that you need to support those decisions. That up-front effort ensures organizational clarity for you and your colleagues, and speeds up ongoing decision cycles by eliminating future time spent on assembling the data, understanding which facets can be trusted, and identifying which data need to be adjusted or discarded.


By starting with the end in mind, we make sure that the insights being created are optimized to the decisions you need to make, and how to think about making them.

Experience and interact with your own data in minutes rather than weeks

The Data Solutions’ Tableau reporting suite was designed based upon decades of experience managing loan portfolios and continues to evolve. This user-friendly reporting suite enables organizations to improve credit risk performance, customer experience, and reduce compliance risk.


Our dashboards enable you and your team to quickly see the insights you need, and to see your data from different angles to inform your decisions.

Save time & money by using foundations that are already built

Although aspects of each lender and portfolio are unique, the key decision levers and tradeoffs to be managed for a specific combination of product and risk segment (e.g. prime credit card, near-prime auto) are similar across lenders and many of the data sources are similar.


We build a data foundation leveraging standard formats as much as possible (like the Metro 2 data used for credit reporting), then layer in additional data in carefully structured ways. The efforts required for us to configure specifics for your needs are far less than required to do it all yourself.


This means that you get the benefits of insights from combining your data with deep industry expertise at a cost less than developing and maintaining all of the insights and expertise by yourself.


Your specific environment and goals are unique, but you probably have most of your building blocks in common with others. Leverage our expertise with lending and experience across the building blocks to enable you to focus on what really differentiates your organization.

“Working with Bridgeforce Data Solutions is helping us to see more clearly how we will leverage data throughout the organization to improve the quality and speed of our decision cycles.”

COO of a top-25 US credit card issuer
0 %

of senior executives at top credit & lending institutions view rapidly progressing the creation of actionable business insights as the top means to addressing their immediate business challenges.

– Chairman’s Bi-Annual Financial Services Industry Survey

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