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Credit Reporting Compliance

A fundamentally different approach to business intelligence

Our approach to business intelligence is fundamentally different. Most start with the data and look for what can be found in these big piles of data. We go the other way: leveraging deep expertise in lending businesses to define the questions and ongoing decisions that you need to answer in a data-driven way.


What actions can you take, and what do you need to know to take them well?


What data and insights are you producing today, and how much can you trust it?


We provide you with the tools and insights to prioritize your next steps and iterate in data-driven ways

We never lose sight of our focus—improving the precision, speed, and ease of the information
you need to make decisions about what is next for your business.

An Innovative Partnership from Two Industry Leaders

“Bridgeforce Data Solutions is a professional company that seems to want to get it right no matter how difficult an issue can be or how much research needs to be done, and this is very important.”

Community Bank / FinTech Innovator COO

“Within the first year of DQS, it helped us improve our credit reporting accuracy—a 70% reduction in discrepancies. DQS directly contributed to the effective rating on our FCRA audit.”

Senior Executive, Top Bank


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