Bridgeforce Data Solutions Offers New Credit Reporting Accuracy Benchmarking Option

Bridgeforce Data Solutions, a financial technology firm that provides automated credit reporting compliance and benchmarking solutions, is pleased to announce that our Data Quality Scanner (DQS), a compliance automation solution that enables accurate Metro 2® credit reporting to mitigate your regulatory risks and decrease your credit reporting dispute rates, now offers peer-level DQS Benchmarking.

With the threat of costly disputes, complaints, lawsuits, and regulatory inquiries looming, it’s important to ensure your credit reporting accuracy and compliance processes are in line with your peers. But it can be hard knowing where to start. That’s where we can help.

We’ve developed a new 1-Minute Self-Audit covering key Credit Reporting/FCRA Accuracy and Compliance processes that can help you quickly identify where improvements may be needed.

For more information or to schedule a live demo for our new DQS Benchmarking option, just click this link Benchmarking Info or Demo Request.

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