We're excited to announce our new partnership with Equifax

Equifax & Bridgeforce Help You Find, Prioritize, & Fix Credit Reporting Issues

An Innovative Partnership from Two Industry Leaders

Equifax is committed to maintaining the highest standards for data accuracy and compliance. Through our partnership, furnishers now have seamless access to Bridgeforce’s industry-leading Data Quality Scanner® along with credit reporting and disputes management consulting. Together, Equifax and Bridgeforce offer a best-in-class credit reporting compliance and disputes management solution.



Bridgeforce’s Data Quality Scanner (DQS) is the industry’s leading automated credit reporting accuracy solution, enabling you to proactively identify and resolve account-level issues before they become costly disputes, complaints, or regulatory risks. Coupled with access to Bridgeforce’s hands-on consultants, who bring decades of expertise with data furnishers of all types and sizes, this partnership with Equifax offers you a fully integrated quick and easy approach to credit reporting compliance and disputes management that leverages your existing Equifax data furnishing processes.


Go beyond internal solutions or reject and error reports with 380+ risk-ranked rules including month-over-month analysis


Address issues based on an automated full inspection of your files and drill down into account-level details to find the root cause


Leverage our hands-on consulting support when you need help, and address the full breadth of your credit reporting and disputes need

The Data Quality Scanner: Find & Prioritize to Improve Accuracy, Reduce Dispute Rates, and Eliminate Compliance Risk
  • Reduce compliance risk and improve customer experience by proactively detecting data issues
  • Decrease credit reporting dispute rates and reduce associated operational costs
  • Prioritize your improvement efforts based upon a comprehensive view of your reporting files
  • Easy to implement: Our partnership with Equifax makes it easier than ever to get started

“Within the first year of using DQS, it helped us improve our credit reporting accuracy—a 70% reduction in discrepancies. DQS directly contributed to the effective rating on our FCRA audit.”

Senior Exectutive, Top Bank
Want to get started with DQS? Once you sign off, Equifax can securely send your furnishing data to DQS on your behalf, or you can send it to DQS directly. Either way, you'll be seeing results quickly and easily.

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Download our case study to learn more about how the Data Quality Scanner can help you reduce your dispute rates

When You Need Help With The Fix, We’re Here To Assist
  1. Enterprise Risk Assessments for Furnishing, Disputes, and Usage Processes
  2. Metro 2® and NSCRA Data Mapping and Conversion Documentation
  3. Policy and Procedure Development
  4. KPI & KRI Dashboards,MIS, and Other Controls
  5. Operational Process Reviews for Upstream Areas That Impact Furnishing
  6. End-to-End Process Flow Documentation
  7. Enterprise Governance, Oversight, and Change Control Routines
  8. Metro 2 & Disputes Training
  9. Disputes Customer Experience Review
Learn More About How Our Consulting Services Can Help You Address the Full Breadth of Your Credit Reporting Compliance and Disputes Management Needs

“I have worked with Big 4 firms on similar engagements. From my experience, the knowledge, insight, recommendations, and quality of deliverables provided through the engagement far exceeded my expectations and superior to the firms I have worked with in the past. If ever asked for recommendations on this type of work I will always recommend Bridgeforce first.”

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