New Capabilities for Credit Bureau Dispute Agent Training and Vendor Oversight now Available in Data Quality Scanner (DQS)

CHADDS FORD, PA – February 8, 2024 – Today, Bridgeforce Data Solutions (BDS), a leading financial technology firm, announced the release of new features to the previously launched Data Quality Scanner (DQS) Credit Bureau Disputes Module which address needs for agent training and oversight of outsourced agents anywhere in the world.

This new module utilizes the robust ruleset from the flagship Data Quality Scanner (DQS) Furnishing Module and Disputes Module to help the Dispute Agents see data discrepancies in the ACDV Requests and how they responded historically. It also enables furnishers to monitor the quality of outsourced dispute handling at the agent, team, or vendor level. With these new insights, Disputes Agents will be able to iteratively learn using their own completed responses, enabling significant improvements in the completeness of data corrections by Disputes Agents, leading to less repeat disputes and more satisfied customers. In addition, lenders that are outsourcing part of their dispute-management operations will have a tool for monitoring quality of dispute responses across 100% of all indirect disputes.

“Once we started running data through our new DQS Disputes module, the need for agent training and vendor oversight became instantly clear”, said Matt Scarborough, CEO of Bridgeforce Data Solutions. “We see that when a data discrepancy is identified by our ruleset in dispute request, the majority of them are not being addressed by Disputes Agents. This is understandable since no human can keep our ruleset in their heads, so we developed new capabilities to make training and oversight easier ”.

In future iterations, Bridgeforce Data Solutions will be rapidly innovating in further support of quality and efficiency. This will begin with enabling agents to check planned ACDV responses against the DQS ruleset in real-time before submission, validating that their responses are free of discrepancies and therefore further reducing repeat disputes and improving customer experiences, with expected availability later this year.

For more information on these new features or to schedule a demo of the new DQS Disputes Module, please contact:

Mike Eisel
[email protected]
VP of Product and CRM

About Bridgeforce Data Solutions:
Bridgeforce Data Solutions is a financial technology firm that provides automated credit reporting and disputes compliance and benchmarking solutions to help consumer lenders of all sizes inspect, benchmark, and optimize their credit bureau data.

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