Auriemma Credit Bureau
Roundtable Insights

Bridgeforce Data Solutions was invited to join Auriemma’s Credit Bureau Roundtable event to share the latest insights from our ongoing research on credit reporting accuracy and its direct impact on disputes.

Auriemma’s Credit Bureau Roundtable is an exclusive member-only event from leading lenders who are responsible for credit bureau reporting and dispute resolution. The Roundtable Group meets quarterly to discuss challenges associated with reporting and dispute handling, including compliance with regulatory and Metro 2® standards and procedural inconsistencies across credit bureaus.

MITIgate your regulatory risks and reduce costs

Our presentation, titled FCRA Compliance: Data-Driven Insights on the Impacts of Furnishing Data Quality on Disputes, highlighted the following key insights:

  • The quality of data being furnished to the credit bureaus continues to receive intense regulatory scrutiny
  • Data furnishing quality is an industry-wide issue, but it can be addressed
  • No single party will always be in the best position to address data quality, so we all need to work together
  • Quality furnishing reduces disputes, and dispute rates are up to 10x higher for accounts with dispute-correlated data quality issues

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