Benchmark: See Where You Stand

Compare the accuracy of your credit reporting data to your peers with our 1-Minute Self-Audit covering key credit reporting and FCRA accuracy and compliance processes.

With the threat of costly disputes, complaints, lawsuits, and regulatory inquiries looming, it’s important to ensure your credit reporting accuracy and compliance processes are in line with your peers. But it can be hard knowing where to start. That’s where the Data Quality Scanner (DQS) can help.

See how you stack up To Your peers

The Data Quality Scanner: The only automated credit reporting compliance and benchmarking solution partnered with a credit bureau. Comprehensively assess the accuracy of Metro 2® data against a ruleset of 380+ rules, enabling a proactive data-driven approach to finding, prioritizing, and fixing account-level issues.

Furnishers have been able to minimize credit bureau discrepancies and reduce dispute rates by 10-30% by using DQS to improve their furnishing accuracy. Based on our latest research and analysis, we have seen dispute rates are up to 10x higher for accounts with dispute-correlated discrepancies.

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If you don’t have an automated solution that comprehensively assesses all of your accounts, like DQS, you don’t really know where you stand. For initial baseline results, we see clients have between 15-25% of accounts with at least one discrepancy. Complete the self-audit now.

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