Automated Credit Reporting and Disputes Compliance and Benchmarking Solutions

Amid heightened regulatory scrutiny, credit reporting and dispute handling face a pivotal moment. In 2022, 76% of complaints to the CFPB were credit-report-related, signaling a pressing industry concern. With over a decade of continuous rise, FCRA litigation emphasizes the urgent need for proactive solutions in data quality and dispute resolution.

DQS: Data Quality Scanner

The Data Quality Scanner (DQS) is the only automated credit reporting and disputes compliance solution enabling data furnishers to see the end-to-end Metro 2® data journey and evaluate data quality at each step:

Furnishing Module: Comprehensively assess the accuracy of your Metro 2® data against a ruleset of 390+ risk-ranked rules. Take a proactive approach to finding, prioritizing, and fixing account-level issues and reduce costly regulatory scrutiny and litigation.
Disputes Module: Leverage the combination of DQS rules, Metro 2® data, and ACDV data to create first-of-their-kind insights that significantly improve outcomes and reduce costs.

DQS Furnishing module

Our Furnishing Module ensures accurate credit reporting to mitigate your regulatory risks and decrease your dispute rates and associated OPEX by over 30%.

DQS disputes module

Our new Disputes Module provides actionable insights into credit bureau disputes and a comprehensive view when used together with our Furnishing Module.

How It Works: Furnishing & Disputes Modules Together

Leverage the combination of DQS rules, Metro 2® data, and ACDV data to create first-of their-kind insights that significantly improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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Senior Executive, Top Bank
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Within the first year of DQS, it helped us improve our credit reporting accuracy—a 70% reduction in discrepancies. DQS directly contributed to the effective rating on our FCRA audit.
Robert Eison, Chief Operating Officer for Equifax United States Information Solutions (USIS)
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Data furnishers play a critical role in today’s credit ecosystem. As a trusted steward of consumer data, Equifax is committed to investing in practices and partnerships that help us better support customers in ensuring accurate data reporting. Joining forces with Bridgeforce supports this commitment by helping furnishers referred from Equifax enhance the quality of their data, resulting in improved accuracy, lower dispute rates and reduced compliance risk.
Senior Executive, Top 20 Credit Union
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We could not believe how easy it was to get started using the Data Quality Scanner. With other vendors, we’re used to drawn out projects with many hurdles and unexpected challenges. That has not been the case here, thank you so much!
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Reduce credit reporting dispute rates by more than 30% and overall operational expense

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