Start with the End in Mind: Connecting Business Decisions to Business Intelligence

We hear it time and time again. Business leaders tell us: “We don’t have the information we need.” “Our IT and Analytic partners don’t understand our business.” “It will take months to get that new report.” The Analytic and IT teams will tell us: “The business doesn’t give us the right requirements.” “The business can’t […]

Pandemic Data Insights: The Effects of Covid-19

Reality Check: We have a problem that feels somewhere between the Great Recession of 2008 and a natural disaster, bigger than an asset class and impacting everyone. We know this challenge will be unique (and there will be challenges to address it). Read on to learn what the data shows, and how you can respond. […]

Chairman’s Bi-Annual Financial Services Industry Survey

Senior executives from the country’s top credit and lending institutions shared what was top of mind for 2021, the top 5 ways they plan to deal with the challenges ahead are: Accelerate digitization and automation across the business. Rapidly progress the creation of actionable insights from available data Pressure testing and strengthen existing risk management […]