Credit Reporting & FCRA Compliance Experts Reveal Their List of Top Self-Audit Questions

Are you looking for a way to significantly reduce the risk of credit reporting accuracy issues that could lead to costly disputes, complaints, or regulatory inquiries, but aren’t sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck!  For a limited time and for a limited number of respondents, Bridgeforce Data Solutions (BDS), a recognized expert in […]

Renewed CFPB Focus Upon Credit Reporting: Proven Solution to Help

Credit reporting accuracy is a renewed priority at the CFPB, with a reawakened focus and expected ramp up in enforcement actions. Last year saw the return of multi-million-dollar fines related to FCRA violations and credit reporting, and credit reporting complaints to the CFPB were up 107% (59% of all complaints). Our Data Quality Scanner® Solution […]

Credit Reporting and the New Administration

With every new presidential administration comes change. A new agenda, new expectations, and new efforts to reshape society in accordance with the viewpoints of the ruling party. Financial regulation is often a topic of conversation, particularly with Democratic administrations – so what should we expect from the Biden administration as it relates to financial services? […]

Automated Tool (Data Quality Scanner®) Reduced Credit Reporting Discrepancies by 90 Percent

As federal and state regulators increase pressure on data furnishers to ensure the completeness and accuracy of credit reporting data, organizations are spending increasing amounts of time and resources to stay in compliance. The Data Quality Scanner® solution (DQS) leads the industry in quickly and accurately assessing Metro 2® and other NSCRA file formats to […]

Credit Reporting & Disputes During Covid-19

Special Guest Editorial article “7 Best Practices for Credit Reporting & Disputes in COVID 19” for insideARM by Bridgeforce Managing Partner, Michelle Macartney. Make sure your customers don’t wind up with credit report problems during the pandemic and you remain compliant with credit bureau reporting protections. Use these top 7 operational tips and best practices from Bridgeforce for credit […]